Grete Berget our international godmother

We took part in the opening ceremony, organized peace workshops and children's day, took part in art night, and profiled municipalities of our Eid, Herøy and Volda.

The Embla women got the assignment from the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs by Minister Grete Berget, to take part in the event at Åbo. Grete Berget was also the godmother of Embla at the International Naming Ceremony, which took place on the river Aura in Åbo..

Peace Conference in Bjørkedalen 1995

Embladamer med Aura Å i bakgrunnen

Frå salsboda i Åbo...

Sâffle and Arvika in Sweden

Embla i Säffle og Arvika i Sverige
Embla with crew invited to "Vikingaleden," which was a part of the pilgrimage route to Nidaros

Embla ship in Steigen in Nordland

In August 1995 the Embla ship with crew went to the Women's University in Steigen in Nordland

United World Collage in Fjaler

Embla participated in the opening of the United World Collage in Fjaler, 30 sept.

Embla crew was invited, and lay in the harbor and shed the splendor of this event .. Our own Queen Sonja, Queen Noor of Jordan and the Embla godmother Nøklebye Astrid Heiberg, admiring the ship and greeted the Embla women ..

1000 years since the Christian of Norway

The Embla women participated.

Eu in Normandy 1997

The 1000 fire to Eu in Normandy in France, Embla in Gange-Rolv (Rollon) sine footsteps.

1998 "Norway Day Festival," San Francisco

Star Shipping transported the ship free of charge to / from over the Atlantic Ocean. Embla rowed against the stream to the Golden Gate.

Anchor of peace

In San Francisco was also our first budding organization founded, "Anchor of Peace", in collaboration with the American peace woman Heidi Kühn.

Peace Breakfast together with Mrs. Koffi Annan

The Embla women Sylvi Aambø and Brit Aanning Aarseth was invited to the Peace Breakfast together with Mrs Koffi Annan, Heidi Kuhn leader of "Roots of Paece" and Brit's daughter Hilde Aarseth Krøgenes, who was the coordinator between Embla and of the Norway Day Festival.
Emblakvinnene med Alcatraz i bakgrunnen, Anchor of peace.

Latvia 2001

Latvia 2001 Embla to Riga's 800 anniversary 17th August.

Bene i Latvia

Bene i LatviaTamara Zarins Egelund In her Childhood town, Bene, from which she had to escape during the 2. World War. The Embla women support Tamara in her relief work.
"My ship is loaded with". Embla was full loaded with shoes and clothes, toys, textbooks, etc. for the people of Bene,. We also presented 25000, - for renovation of showers and toilets in the school..

Santa Marinella, Italy 2003

Santa Marinella, harbor city of Rome 17-28.sept. participated in cultural Norway / Italy "A Spirit of Norway" In Signori del Mare


The Viking ship Embla participated. We had an open boat to the public. Peace ceremony and sang at the community center, and torchlight in Kalvåg with Embla women and great participation from the audience

The Princess Kristina's footsteps from Tønsberg to Covarrubias in Spain 2006

Princess Kristina and Bishop Peder to Hamar with company departured to Spain in late summer 1257 Princess Astrid Kristina and godmother waving goodbye 2 sept. 2006 -750 years later

Covarrubias 2006

Princess Kristina, together with its follow-peace women from Tønsberg. Princess Kristina's sarcophagus in the cloister at the church

Catoira in Spain 2007

From Catoira goes the fjord Ría Arousa into to Padrón and Iria Flavia, the gateway to Santiago de Compostella. The many stone crosses along the coast shows the pilgrims a safe and passable roads. Tens of thousands took us by Castellum Honesti fort from the 800 century. The Norwegian Viking king Olav Haraldsson tried to conquer the fort, but lost. The Female ship Embla come with peace.

Country Festival Association Coast 2008

Embla participated in the League of Coast's Country Festival 16-20. June 2008 in Fosnavåg

2008 Tall Ships Races in Måløy

Embla’s participation in the Tall Ships Races in Måløy.

Turf Laying

Turf Laying on Embla-boathouse in autumn 2008

Embla’s boathouse 2006

The boathouse nearly completed in 2006.
Ottar Bjørkedal was the master builder

The Embla women in yellow rain clothes

We can look back on many active years by Embla and her crew, both abroad and at home.

St.Lô in Normandy in June 2011

The Embla ship and the crew was invited to St.Lô in Normandy in June 2011 and to Giske and Ålesund in September. in connection with the celebration of the 1100 years since the time Rolf went from Giske and Ålesund to France and became Duke of Normandy.