Embla's peace song

Peace for man in all the lands
must go hand in hand
All we need to take a stroke
then we all will reach the port.
:For Embla the beautiful ship of our
give us peace where journey goes:

I and you and everyone
get ship on to slip,
take a stroke in peace and calm,
we have any lack of time.
:For Embla the beautiful ship of our
give us peace where journey goes:


Embla name

is taken from Norse mythology and means "the first lady." The Icelandic saga "Snorri" says that Odin, Vilje and Ve were brother's sons. One day they went on the shore. There they found two wooden sticks, and of these gods created man. Odin gave the will and the breath, vilje gave wisdom and Ve gave the appearance, speech, hearing and vision. The man they called Ask and the woman Embla. Get the Kin people of the old god-belief.

EMBLA poster

designed by the artist Sylvi Aambø Thomasgaard. The woman in the boat is mother earth. The hat is the peace ship with the women on board. Birds are symbols that we will go far with our message. One bird stands on the earth and protects about it. The child lies on the boat on the way into the future. The bird in hand is the symbol of our hope!


1.Promote peace message through culture, creativity and creative activities, physical and spiritual, individually
and collectively, locally and globally.
2.Budding: Influence of women in other regions / countries to adopt our peace's message, and bring it on in their
country on their way.
3.Consciousness-raising: that women's views on war and conflict gives less crime and violence.

Our vision

Embla project will follow up on the strong traditions that Norway has to work actively for peace and international understanding. The main Promoting peace message in a female ship, where we make the Viking ship, before often seen as a symbol of war, into a symbol of peace. TURN WAR TO PEACE.

  • We work for peace on our way.
  • The Viking ship, which is often seen as a symbol of war, we will make it into a symbol of peace!
  • Embla is the world's only WOMEN PEACE SHIP
  • The vessel will be a "Speaker's Corner" for peace.

The Foundation Embla

The foundation Embla was a fact. It was the war that broke out in former Yugoslavia in 1992 that put thoughts into action to do something. And something was done: "We are building a Viking ship, which will be a peace ship" "We turn war into peace," was our slogan.The boat builder Jacob Helset had faith in the project and start the construction.